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3 mins read

The Taj Mahal: Origns, Architecture and Design

The fifth Mughal emperor and one of the four sons of Jahangir, Shah Jahan was very well known for his competence and his bravery. Crowning himself the emperor of Agra...

Shayan Zafar - 2 years ago
3 mins read

Treasures of Lahore: The Shahi Hammam

As most of us already might know, Lahore, the heart of Punjab, is surrounded by a total of thirteen gates. The old walled city of Lahore was made as such...

Shayan Zafar - 2 years ago
5 mins read

Telenor Pakistan Headquarters '345' Bags an ADA Award for it's Astonishing Architecture

Recently Buildings of Telenor Pakistan made a successful bid to bag a famous ADA Award, under the category of ‘Amenity Commercial Buildings’. Before jumping on to other details I would...

Esha Obaid - 2 years ago
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