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5 mins read

UX Pakistan 2019: RoundUp of a Perfect Design Experience

After a month-long delay due to political situation of the country, the much-awaited design conference UX Pakistan 2019 finally commenced on 20th April 2019. Even though the rescheduling meant that...

Arooj Masood - 2 years ago
7 mins read

Some of the "Finest Works" at the NCA Degree Show 2019

As I have told earlier (NCA Degree show 2019; Showcasing the upcoming talent) that there are different departments and students from each department display their work. Following are some projects...

Esha Obaid - 2 years ago
3 mins read

NCA Degree show 2019; Showcasing the upcoming talent

Being a biggest sucker of Arts and Design we decided to visit NCA Degree show 2019. It’s an undergraduate degree show held annually where graduating students display their thesis. This...

Esha Obaid - 2 years ago
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