Horizontal vs. Vertical stripes: Breaking your beliefs!

By Shayan Zafar in Fashion

2 years ago - 3 mins read

Stripes have become a strong fashion statement in recent years, bringing back the old and classic looks from before. They have rather become a women’s daily uniform; ageless, timeless, multipurpose, and classy as ever. Layer it with a bright yellow scarf or a big brown hat, stripes always manage to make you look spectacular. If you are one of those who own 10 pairs of shirts, all stripes that look alike, then you must definitely have an opinion about which one makes you look thin and which one makes you look like a balloon. Before I move on to proving myself, I would like to tell you that sorry (not sorry) but most of you readers are very wrong with your beliefs regarding it. If I had known you before, I’d tell you to not listen to people around you and be the judge yourself, but oh well, its never too late. So, hello and good day from the person who solved all your “what stripes to wear with what” problems. Its all about the design and perception after all

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There is a general conception about horizontal lines that they make you look fatter or wider. However, this famous illusion called the Helmholtz Illusion proved so otherwise. In the picture on the right the square with the horizontal lines actually looks slimmer and taller than the one with the vertical lines. Why so? 

To make matters even more confusing, the picture on the bottom was released as experiment 2, where the girl in the horizontal stripes, like the previous image, looks taller and slimmer, however, for the model figures that were already fat, horizontal stripes provided results on the contrary and made the fat man look even fatter than one with the vertical stripes. I ask again, why so?

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After the release of these illusion, a lot of studies were conducted regarding this specific issue, specially by the fashion industry. To give you a crisp and concise summary, there are a few factors that you need to consider before choosing the design of stripes to match your body type. Vertical stripes elongate the figure, and horizontal stripes make you look thinner. However, it does matter on your body type as well. If you are already pear shaped and slightly on the fatter side, horizontal stripes might widen your already wide areas. If you are, however, tall and slim, horizontal stripes are the go-to for you. 

If you are like me and you love your stripes, you can flaunt them around no matter what! So, take some information that you get from here, apply it to your wardrobe, and let’s be team stripes together. Happy striping!

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