Twitter starts rolling out a new simplified web interface

By Esha Obaid in Interface Design, Web Design

2 years ago - 2 mins read

Scrolling the white and blue themed application on my screen I came across a tweet saying “Here are other improvements you'll be able to enjoy soon: easily switching between your accounts, faster load times, [quick keyboard shortcuts, advanced search] and cropping your image before you Tweet it" which means a new version. I certainly got curious about this new UI so I added “mobile” word before twitter domain address to personally check out these changes.

In August 2018, Twitter announced that they are working on a new user interface. Recently they have introduced this new interface with more simplified approach. The most prominent change is that previous version had three columns for web users but now there will be only two columns enabling people to write their own tweets and see others’ tweets with categorically enhanced content. This new interface is very clean and modern in style. New version is more user friendly in fact it’s very good for newcomers. Twitter has also introduced a special emoji button for its desktop users. Moreover they have introduced a new option for people to explore what’s trending on planet earth. They did not mention any reason behind introducing this new feature but logically it makes a lot of sense because everybody is now interested in knowing the talk of the town. You will also see some advanced searching options. Another good news is that this new version offers keyboard shortcuts also which means lotsa convenience and less mouse clicking.

Image Courtesy: The Verge

I was expecting some other changes as well but it looks like that we will have to wait to get options like ‘edit your tweet’. Some features like reply mechanism and status updates are ready for Beta testing. But overall it’s a good indicator that finally twitter paid some attention to its web users after spending a lot of time and money on its mobile users. I would say that this new version promises good aesthetics plus better user experience.

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