Some of the "Finest Works" at the NCA Degree Show 2019

By Esha Obaid in Multidisciplinary Design

2 years ago - 7 mins read

As I have told earlier (NCA Degree show 2019; Showcasing the upcoming talent) that there are different departments and students from each department display their work. Following are some projects we found as star performers of the display.

Fine Arts Department

The first project that caught my eye was ‘Conflict’ Oil on Canvas. This project was about the conflict that many children face whilst opting their education and career fields. This artist was inspired by his own life event of choosing fine arts over the field his parents were forcing. He painted very light images across the canvas depicting different events of his childhood where this wide yellow tape was a symbol of prominent conflict he had faced all his life.

Another project I really liked from fine arts, was presented on light boxes using mixed media. The idea was very simple but definitely important. This artist talked about the discrimination & racism and how it has engulfed our society. She discussed that how we have assigned roles to people on the basis their color, religion, gender and why it needs to be change. She even made models of holy places from different religions and painted them white to promote peace across the board.

Another student of fine arts department displayed a very interesting project where he used different old stationary products to convey his message. His project was about communication and noise. He used chamak patti to demonstrate different situations like noise, glitch and space. He used black background across canvas to demonstrate space and colorful patti was sprinkled in unique patterns to showcase each situation accordingly. The reason behind using colorful patti is that artist is inspired by Pakistani culture and truck art so he wanted to give a minor touch of Pakistani culture in his display.

Some projects were deeply enriched with our rituals and traditions and one of such kind was found in Fine Arts department. It was made on a giant canvas. This artist used acrylic paints to demonstrate post Muharram scenarios where he only used two colors i-e black and white to emphasize on the grief and sorrow.

In this department we found some really cool projects out of which one was about insects. So this Artist has some hard core fascination with insects since his childhood. So he decided to give a new concept of electronic insect. His display was based on the idea of revolutionizing the insects. According to him as technology has engulfed our society one day our insects will also upgrade to technological mechanism.

Another good project we came across was ‘Khalish’. This project was quite deep as it depicts the dilemma of religious & cultural values and their meanings in our lives. This artist argue that we are using religious and cultural values just for the sake of show off. To make our voice high and powerful we make things loud which ultimately results in losing the real essence of those values.

Architecture Department

From the department of architecture we discovered a gemstone called ‘The Dot School’ project. This idea suggests that children can love going school if we create an efficient learning experience. It is because humans are born as a blank canvas and are always eager to learn more, then why school is the most unattractive place for a kid? This project provides a new concept and structure of our schools where students will get more exposure (knowledge) through our environment than bookish content. Tbh, in our opinion this idea can revolutionize our education system and it’s gonna be a BIG HIT!

Visual Communication Arts

In the department of Visual Communication Arts, there was a project discussing the communication gap between parents & children and much it’s important to remove this gap. This artist linked this issue with atoms and how they become an inseparable bond and form all the matter in this world. Besides the ideology, display of this thesis was also very eye catching and engaging as there were two buttons with labels ‘Parent’ & ‘ Children’ and those buttons were supposed to push in order to form a complete bond. There was a gap when those buttons were not pressed which showed the occurrence of communication gap when both sides do not try to push.

Textile Design

In department of textile designs, a student created a new fabric using a very weak thread and this fabric can change the colors every time we put light on it. The message behind this project gives us a lesson that even weaker things have power to come up with something brilliant if they are not underestimated. The color changing phenomena of this fabric in light also represent a tiny humming bird which seems to change colors with each sassy turn of its head.

According to our analysis majority of students featured their stories through different mediums and types of arts. The most prominent commonality these projects had, is the thinking of their creators. I felt pleasant when I witnessed the sensibility of these artists. These stars of tomorrow are so much concerned about our social issues and the betterment of our society, which is a good indicator. Obviously we could not feature each and every project but believe me this degree show is worth visiting and you should not miss it!

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