Slack Logo Redsign; More Than a Group Chat, Future of Group Work!

By Esha Obaid in Branding Design

2 years ago - 2 mins read

Since 2013, more than 8 million people are associated with slack and when I use word ‘associated’ it’s not only confined to utility purpose but emotional attachment as well. Right at the time when we started associating ourselves with a colorful hashtag icon, all of a sudden Slack decided to change its logo. Yes the old hashtag with 11 different shades has kicked the bucket and new design is ready to blink on screens. The old hashtag logo was a definition of Slack’s promise of providing efficient online communications across teams.

No doubt in past years Slack has come a long way and now they want to deliver a bigger brand promise. Slack appointed Pentagram to create a new improved logo which can be used for all of their services. The current logo of Slack is sleeker in design just like their new promise of giving more consistent and clear mechanism for communication purposes. This new logo contains four different colors (red, yellow, green and blue) alongside chat bubbles with its signature purple backdrop. The purpose of changing this hashtag is to encourage people to consider Slack beyond group conversation service. Slack is looking forward to facilitate office workflows including hiring, organizing etc. This was a high time for Slack to redesign its logo because their portfolio includes 500 Fortune Clientele and a lot of satisfied customers across the world. With such strong customer base it was necessary for slack to bring out some changes in order to retain customers for longer time.

Demonstration of branding in advertising

People are not really happy with this new logo. Internet is full of ‘first reaction’ videos on this new logo and apparently they are not appreciating this change. It’s difficult for people to accept this change because they have been using Slack (with hashtag logo) for long time. In my opinion this reaction is just like a storm in a teacup and people will get used to of it, soon because this logo is not only aesthetically better but it also address diverse range of Slack’s functional benefits.

What are your views on Slack’s new logo? Yay or Nay!

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