Android's Freshly Baked Pie is Out with a User Focused Design

By Esha Obaid in Interface Design

2 years ago - 4 mins read

Ice cream Sandwich, Jellybean, Kit Kat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat and now Pie No No! these are not the names of products in a candy store but versions of Android Operating System. Well there is a story behind naming these versions with sweet dishes. It is said that the brain behind the Android system, Andy Rubin had a sweet tooth due to which all the versions are named with desserts (besides the first two versions of android). Honestly as a marketeer I would rate this naming strategy, 10/10. Firstly this idea is lit because these names are easy to remember plus it’s helpful in getting away from copyrights issues as no other brands have named their products with sweet dishes.

The latest flavor of Android Operating System is in the house with lots of exciting features in its pan. Android 9 Pie came out from Oven in August 2018. Initially Android 9 Pie was available on Pixel phones but now Samsung has announced their Android 9 Pie update plan of action. Samsung is ready to serve Android 9 Pie on the tray of its latest devices including Galaxy Note 8, Galaxy S8, Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S9 etc.

Following are some sweet ingredients, our new Android Pie has in its filling:

This version has a lot to do with AI (Artificial Intelligence) as the software is adaptive to its using pattern.

There are three main categories of this Android 9 Pie version i-e intelligence, Simplicity and digital well-being.


This category will make sure to improve the battery power by adapting consumption patterns and usability. It also has an adaptive brightness feature. Another great option is of ‘App action.’ This feature gives you shortcut option e-g if you plug in headphones and listen music on Sound Cloud, due to ‘App action’ the next time when you will plugin headphones again you will get a one touch option or Sound Cloud because of your previous usage pattern.


So the best thing is that overall UI is very simple and rounded. Gestures have a great role in this system and now you have the option to use gestures to quickly navigate to you recent apps and switch between apps but in case you are comfortable with the previous button based navigation no one would force you to switch to this. This system has also provided an improved copy paste option where we also have some new options on board like you can search your selected word directly on Google or check reviews with just a single touch. Furthermore, the UI has been given a more colorful and vibrant look to easily differentiate between the elements of the operating system. A zoomed in feature when selecting text along with a simple one button screenshot option and many more features add to the simplicity and makes it clear that this time it was all about the users comfort.

Digital Wellbeing

This is entirely a new category where Google has offered some usage statistics. So with this feature we will get to know that how much times we have unlocked our phones or how long we used any particular mobile app and it also gives you an option to put limits as a reminder of not excessively using those apps . There is another feature that comes under digital well-being and trust me it is very relatable because it often happens to us that we check our phones before going to sleep at night but this ‘checking’ always extends to hour or even more. This system also gives you an option where your screen will turn into black and white to make you realize that you have spent enough time and now you should go for sleep.

So these were some options that android 9 pie is providing. Soon this operating system will be available. Let us know which feature attracted you the most and WAIT!! Do you have any idea which dish name (next Android version) starts with 'Q'? Or is it even a dish name? Food for thought!

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