Spring in all its Glory: Jashan-e-Baharan 2019

By Shayan Zafar in Floral Design

2 years ago - 3 mins read

It goes without question that Spring is almost everyone’s favorite time of the year. Away from the Summer sweat and the Winter chills, spring always brings with it just the right amount of happiness.

The first thing that comes to our minds when we hear the words “Spring” is indeed FLOWERS. Here in Lahore, spring is gorgeous. You step out of your house and you will find thousands of different colored and patterned flowers all around you. Spring festivals, house decorating competitions, and purple trees light up the entire city with their beauty and calmness.

Like every year, this year also a lot of the public parks in Lahore went over and above everyone’s expectations in terms of décor and designing of flowers. However, one park stood out from the rest and was the talk of the town, the DHA Phase 6 park. Now that Spring is over and the scorching heat of summer is upon us, I thought it would be a nice time to reminisce the beautifully built park and share my memory of it with you.

Located in the peaceful vicinity of Phase 6, Lahore, the park was open for public starting March. A competition for a flower bed display took place that was showcased outside of the park at its entrance. The beautifully designed flower beds included patterns or flowers that formed abstract pieces of art which were so pleasing to the eyes.

The entrance of the park was guarded by two benches placed on either sides that had a flower bed the size of trampoline park behind it. This flower bed was designed by placing beautiful colors of flowers together and forming an image that portrayed a sun beaming its rays.

Let’s imagine it this way; A huge park divided from the center with almost mirroring images on either side. When we moved ahead from the benches, a pathway of the park, that is originally a jogging track, was covered with a sky of dangling flowers and besides it was a huge area dedicated to display all sorts of flowers; from daffodils to daisies to irises, you name it!

The park also included intricately designed animals made out of flowers, included Pandas, Elephants, Giraffes, etc. These looked so real and so beautiful, we just had to stop and take pictures with them. Take a medal structure, design it as you like, and viola, you have people going crazy!

The most fascinating thing about the park was how they linked the whole idea to the Pakistani culture, and included pieces of art like the Minar E Pakistan and the Quaid E Azam Mizar. These resulted in a good learning experience for the kids, and a feeling of actually being in those location for the parents.

All in all, the designers behind the park, the florists, did an out of this world job that we really need to appreciate and commend as much as we can. Next time around, if you are one of those who did not get a chance to visit this exotic beauty, we will keep you posted and you surely should drop by!

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