All Yellow - Color Psychology and It's impact on mood

By Shayan Zafar in Interior Design

2 years ago - 4 mins read

The colors around us are the main reason we get to enjoy life. In our daily lives, very less light is shed on the fact that the colors around us really do affect our mood, the way we feel, and the way we react. In simple terms, to explain to someone how a certain object looks, the first thing we start talking about is the color of it. Be it the ocean, the sand, or the greens, colors add beauty to these things and also the that of the viewer.

Do me a favor and give me two minutes of your time. Close your eyes and picture yourself running in a field full of blooming bright yellow sunflowers. The cheerful sun shining from above. Deep blue sky with lots of fluffy clouds. How does that make you feel? At peace? I thought so. Why? Colors! Fascinating as it is, I thought let’s discuss a color that is one of my very favorites, and hopefully yours too; YELLOW!

Yellow is one of the three primary colors, others being red and blue. Meaning; these colors cannot be added, subtracted, and mixed with others to obtain. The technicalities of this I am afraid you will have to search for elsewhere. Here, I will be talking about yellow; how it makes you feel and how you can add it around in your house to have a pleasant “warmth” affect.

Once upon a time, when I was a teenager in my very intense “punk” mode, I painted my room gray. I sat in my room all day, lethargic and sad. I didn’t realize how much of my feelings were coming from my surroundings, dark and dull. One day, I visited my cousins’ house and to my surprise, I found their bedroom walls to be warm yellow with colorful cartons drawn on it. It was then that it hit me how important colors are in our life.

Yellow Walls:

Be it just one wall, a yellow one will bring with it happiness and warmth. It will make you want to stay in your room and bring positive vibes along with it. You can even paint on it yourself, or put unique stickers to give it a fun feel. It is, however, better to have a yellow that is less bright and more warm so as to not be very “in the face”.

Yellow Lights:

According to me, white lights shouldn’t even exist. Ok maybe that’s a little too harsh, but there is something about warm lights that so calming. Having guests over and hosting is my favorite thing to do, but trust me I would rather refuse people from coming over than having white lights in the living room to welcome them.

Yellow Cushions:

Want to give a casual and comfy look to your living room? Add yellow patterned cushions and voila!  Cushions already are our source of comfort, and playing with colors can uplift our mood by a lot. 

I could go on and on about where else you can add yellow, but I think you get the point. However, we must be aware that excess of everything really is bad. And happiness is not only bought with colors. So, work on yourself first and then play with designing your surroundings and you are then 2 steps closer to a healthy lifestyle.

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