"Bech De" with a new Brand Identity and Improved Product Launch

By Esha Obaid in Branding Design

2 years ago - 2 mins read

We all are very well aware of ‘OLX’ and it’s ‘Bech De’ but actually our old OLX is dead as a doornail. Be it the size, chat, posting, browsing, social experience etc OLX is completely transformed except its witty tagline ‘Bech De’. Overall idea of this rebranding is based on making OLX a product of the future. This new version of OLX is more digital savvy and user-friendly. We will have a look on these changes one by one.

First and the most prominent change is the logo of OLX. This new logo is created by the world’s one of the best creative design studio as they have some really good names in their portfolio like Twitter, Microsoft, Toyota and Airbnb. The color palette also represents OLX as a positive and bright brand, ready to enlighten others’ lives. The reason of changing this logo is because their service umbrella has welcomed some newcomers.

Olx New Logo Design

Overall layouts of the website and application are also changed. Even the app size is reduced by 40%. Basically OLX wants to improve the usability of their website and app due to which the new layouts are very user friendly and faster because of less weight.

Another great challenge for OLX was recognizing serious buyers and avoiding activities involving theft. To address this issue OLX has introduced a new mechanism where a person needs to log-in for further chat with the seller. So this new OLX is more secure and has professional chat features for serious buyers.

This time OLX is very much focused on modernizing the classifieds. Initially they want to digitalize the classified experience with hands on facilities. No doubt OLX is a big brand with hundreds of millions of customer all over the world but this new model is aiming to become even bigger. In my opinion, OLX took a smart move because tech word is growing exponentially and it’s really important to keep the pace with surroundings. This new OLX with old ‘Bech de’ seems pretty good to use. Yes they didn’t change their tagline which, to some extent, makes sense because these two words have built TOM(top of mind) in consumers’ mind due to which new tagline could be difficult to digest. So it’s better to connect this rebranded OLX with old but much hyped ‘Bech De’ tagline.

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