LOGOS: Why they are how they are?

By Shayan Zafar in Branding Design

2 years ago - 3 mins read

Did you ever look at the logo of a company and wonder what the thought process of the designer must have been before he/she made that one thing that the company will be known for, for the rest of its life? Just like how they say, first impression is the last impression, I believe that a logo of any firm is very much their identity, the first impression that the company has on its customer that will last for a lifetime. 

There’s a lot of many interesting logos out there that attract me. Colors, designs, shapes, themes; every logo speaks a story of its own. So, I thought, why not let’s start a series of Logo Designs, why they are how they are? If you are with me on this, do leave a comment below so I can research on interesting stories and share them with all you beautiful people. 

Baskin Robins

I’d like to start with my (our) very favorite, the Baskin Robins logo. Did you know that the pink portion of the ‘BR’ in the logo is actually 31, which equals to the number of flavors they offer? Clever eh?  Baskin Robins, being the largest chain of ice creams specialty, means to provide a new flavor to its customer, every day of the month, which it conveys through its powerful branding. If that is not a marketing win, I don’t know what is!  


One of the best logos in the world, that not only won over 40 awards for it’s creativity, but also conveyed a powerful message to its customers, is FedEx’s logo. Look closely and you will find an arrow between ‘E’ and ‘X’, which connotates forward direction, speed, and precision. The shipping company made sure it gains the trust of its customer just by thinking out of the box with its logo design. 


Being the biggest multinational technology company that focuses on e-commerce, Amazon has really become the go to for many. Not only does it provide ease for its users, but also results in many impulse purchases (but hey that’s your fault!). The logo’s simple yet meaning design is known to all. The arrow traveling from ‘a’ to ‘z’, which also looks like a smiley, focus on conveying 2 things; Amazon will move their product from their warehouse to your doorstep (a to z), with excellent customer service focusing on the customers happiness and satisfaction (smiley face).  

Let’s appreciate the thoughtful minds behind the designs of any and all logos. It really must me a task to be the one who gives a face to your brand, kudos to all designers! Looking forward to discussing more logos in part 2 of this series.

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