UX Pakistan: Bringing back the inclusivity in design

By Arooj Masood in Branding Design

2 years ago - 3 mins read

UX Pakistan conference is back, this time maneuvering the focus from the tech to the people. What is UX Pakistan? UX Pakistan, a not-for profit venture, is a community and a forum that aims to provide a holistic view of designing truly meaningful user experiences that can take all sorts of digital and non-digital forms. The conference aims to bring designers, developers, business leaders, architects, artists, craftsmen, end-users and everything in between on one platform to share, collaborate, learn, educate and emerge as the creators of tomorrow. UX Pakistan is a flagship event of INDEX (Design Society at LUMS).

Filled with number of interactive workshops and talks by “Modern Creatives”, if you have any interest in design, whether tech, illustrations, arts, animations etc, then this is the conference you don’t want to miss.

Having its first installment in 2017, UX Pakistan has come a long way in a very short time. With its 2019 installment, happening on 2nd and 3rd March, the curators of the event have decided to rebrand and revamp the whole conference. If you have been following the event since 2017 then the most obvious change you’ll notice is that of the logo.

Left: UX Pakistan logo 2017-2018. Right: UX Pakistan logo 2019A logo is considered face of the event so a change in logo can send out a strong message. U of “UX” now has a fingerprint pattern on it, representing individuality of each person and focuses on taking the identity forward. The previous one had Pakistan’s map in place of an X in “UX’. The map is now replaced by a green and white X. Upon asking the significance of removing the map from the logo, the team commented that the logo is still green and white but it is no longer bounded by maps, “the focus is on human beings, rather than their locality”.

Moving on towards the lineup of the event, there have been some major changes there too. This year, unlike previous years, the conference is following a strict theme: Modern Creatives. These individuals (moder creatives) all share one thing: an understanding of the need to solve real-world problems through out-of-the-box (design) thinking and collaboration amongst disciplines. In Suleman Shahid’s (Founder UX Pakistan) own words: “Not dwelling in the past, these creative individuals evolve constantly. They adapt to modern times with new tools, collaboration amongst disciplines and constantly finding new inspiration. Only through conversations between these individuals, does new and meaningful user experience emerge which focuses on the context of its use.”

To bring this multidisciplinary nature to the conference, the conference has kept a healthy balance between national and international speakers. National talents like Usman Riaz from Mano Studio and Marvi Mazhar will be joined by International speakers like Burgan Shealy and Benedict Davies from Google. Rather than being purely design based, this year’s conference is divided into three subcategories: Design and business value, Design for public spaces and practicing human-centered design in corporations . Each category catering to different form of human needs and its design.

With all the changes and a huge lineup, this year’s UX Pakistan conference is already turning out to be the biggest one yet. As a student, as a business person, as a developer, as an art enthusiast or as a modern creative, there is something for everyone.

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